Principal Presence is Critical

Leadership, knowledge, flexibility, resilience, ability to motivate, model of respectful behavior, active listener, decision maker, caring person, creative thinker…….these are some of the main attributes effective principals must possess to lead their schools. However the habit of daily principal ” presence” trumps them all!

As parents I encourage you you to ask your  child’s principal to consider sending out the following principal presence survey to the entire ELEMENTARY school population. Kindergarten pupils’ surveys will substitute happy, solemn, and sad faces as the three categories. Teachers will read the questions to the students.

Please CIRCLE the best answer

  1. My principal knows my first name.   NEVER     ALWAYS   SOMETIMES
  2. My principal is outside every morning at buses/vans. NEVER   ALWAYS    SOMETIMES
  3. My principal is outside at first morning recess. NEVER   ALWAYS  SOMETIMES
  4. My principal visits my classroom.  NEVER    ALWAYS    SOMETIMES
  5. My principal is outside at second recess    NEVER   ALWAYS   SOMETIMES
  6.  My principal seems to be happy.   NEVER     ALWAYS   SOMETIMES
  7. My principal walks the hallways.    NEVER     ALWAYS    SOMETIMES
  8. My principal is outside at end of day bus dismissal   NEVER   ALWAYS   SOMETIMES

Parents and Educators : What is your reaction to such a questionnaire?

Your feedback is valued.

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