Wild Times at Kool’s School-Lessons Learned !

This second 34 page children’s book raced onto the local Ottawa book scene in late December 2017. Once again local artist and teacher Jessica Fleury’s evocative, vivid illustrations make this non-fiction book a must read for children ages 4-12, their parents, caregivers, and educators. The independent reading level of this unique book is grade 4.5 or nine or ten year old year old students. Principal Kool starts his day, with his hair up in pink curlers while driving to his elementary school for Crazy Hair Day. The police stop him for speeding. Other incidents have considerable appeal to the young reader. A verbal bullying incident rears its ugly head but is dealt with swiftly by principal Kool as he suspends the three transgressors for two days. The book is dedicated to Richard Bourbeau, Yaki, a local musician who often performs in many of our local Ottawa Elementary schools. A portion of the sale of each book continues to support Kids Help Phone. While my website www.mrkool.ca  is under construction, please contact me at bruce.foster@ocdsb.ca to order copies of this highly unique children’s book. The book sells for $10.00 CAD. Shipping and handling extra.


POSITIVE THOUGHT FOR THE DAY : If you love what you do, it is not work. It is sheer enjoyment. ( anonymous)

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