Genie Genius starts today !

As promised there will be an advice column for children. I cannot answer the children’s pressing questions BUT Genie Genius certainly can. Parents are invited to help their children submit their questions to try and stump the Genie. Here are a few sample questions that have been submitted earlier to him.

(1) Dear Genie Genius, Last year my father died, and my wonderful mother is now going out with another man, They are getting married this summer.I hate him but I do not know how to tell my mother. I need help!     Hateful

Dear Hateful, Perhaps if you love your mother, and it sounds like you do, you will delay passing judgement on your step father to be. It is quite possible that with the passage of time you will learn to appreciate him more. After all, if your mother is attracted to him, he must have some heart-warming qualities.

(2) I am an eleven year old girl and want to become a doctor. Both my parents say it will be hard.I know that too but I still want to become one. I want to be one because my younger bro has a medical condition and I want to be able to help children like him when I am older. What do you think I should do? Doctor in waiting.

Dear Doctor in waiting. I certainly do. Work your hardest at becoming a doctor and hopefully your life-long dream will become a reality.


I am a very positive thinker and I think that is what helps me the most in difficult times.        Roger Federer

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