Thanks for sending these questions in kids via your parents. Hopefully the Genie’s answers will help you out.

Dear Genie Genius,

How Do I get more friends? Lonely

Dear Lonely, Making true friends takes some people longer than others. It really is not important to have a great number of friends, but rather for you to try and be friendly towards everybody you meet. In time, people will easily see that you are a sincere, honest parson and will be attracted to you. Be patient.


Dear Genie Genius,

One of my babysitters is a REAL problem. She will not let me stay up past my bedtime. She puts me to bed at 9:30 p.m. but all the others let me stay up much later. Do you have an answer for me? Late Bird

Dear Late Bird,  I sure do! The babysitter who puts you to bed at 9:30 p.m. is the best of the lot because she is honoring your parents’ requests. Fire all the others….if not your nickname will soon change from late bird to “sick with bags under your eyes.”


Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare

Genie Genius starts today !

As promised there will be an advice column for children. I cannot answer the children’s pressing questions BUT Genie Genius certainly can. Parents are invited to help their children submit their questions to try and stump the Genie. Here are a few sample questions that have been submitted earlier to him.

(1) Dear Genie Genius, Last year my father died, and my wonderful mother is now going out with another man, They are getting married this summer.I hate him but I do not know how to tell my mother. I need help!     Hateful

Dear Hateful, Perhaps if you love your mother, and it sounds like you do, you will delay passing judgement on your step father to be. It is quite possible that with the passage of time you will learn to appreciate him more. After all, if your mother is attracted to him, he must have some heart-warming qualities.

(2) I am an eleven year old girl and want to become a doctor. Both my parents say it will be hard.I know that too but I still want to become one. I want to be one because my younger bro has a medical condition and I want to be able to help children like him when I am older. What do you think I should do? Doctor in waiting.

Dear Doctor in waiting. I certainly do. Work your hardest at becoming a doctor and hopefully your life-long dream will become a reality.


I am a very positive thinker and I think that is what helps me the most in difficult times.        Roger Federer

Wild Times at Kool’s School-Lessons Learned !

This second 34 page children’s book raced onto the local Ottawa book scene in late December 2017. Once again local artist and teacher Jessica Fleury’s evocative, vivid illustrations make this non-fiction book a must read for children ages 4-12, their parents, caregivers, and educators. The independent reading level of this unique book is grade 4.5 or nine or ten year old year old students. Principal Kool starts his day, with his hair up in pink curlers while driving to his elementary school for Crazy Hair Day. The police stop him for speeding. Other incidents have considerable appeal to the young reader. A verbal bullying incident rears its ugly head but is dealt with swiftly by principal Kool as he suspends the three transgressors for two days. The book is dedicated to Richard Bourbeau, Yaki, a local musician who often performs in many of our local Ottawa Elementary schools. A portion of the sale of each book continues to support Kids Help Phone. While my website  is under construction, please contact me at to order copies of this highly unique children’s book. The book sells for $10.00 CAD. Shipping and handling extra.


POSITIVE THOUGHT FOR THE DAY : If you love what you do, it is not work. It is sheer enjoyment. ( anonymous)

Children’s Book-Zena’s Sixth Birthday- Lessons Learned!

This very popular 34 page self-published children’s book ( available in english and french) is based on TRUE experiences of a local OCDSB elementary principal, Mr. Kool, fittingly named by a former grade 3 student of his.

A grade one, six year old student has a near brush with serious injury or perhaps death, when she thoughtlessly darts in front of a moving school bus on her way to meet her father. Due to an exceptionally alert bus driver, the girl’s life is saved. This unique book, beautifully illustrated by Jessica Fleury was made available to the public in September 2016. The book won a Canada Book Award and is a must read for 4-12 year old children, parents, educators, and bus and van personnel. A portion of the sale of each book continues to support Kids Help Phone. The book is dedicated to bus and van drivers who work tirelessly on a daily basis to keep all students as safe as possible. For more information please contact me at until my revamped website, becomes full operational. The book sells for $10.00 CAD.

Principal Presence is Critical

Leadership, knowledge, flexibility, resilience, ability to motivate, model of respectful behavior, active listener, decision maker, caring person, creative thinker…….these are some of the main attributes effective principals must possess to lead their schools. However the habit of daily principal ” presence” trumps them all!

As parents I encourage you you to ask your  child’s principal to consider sending out the following principal presence survey to the entire ELEMENTARY school population. Kindergarten pupils’ surveys will substitute happy, solemn, and sad faces as the three categories. Teachers will read the questions to the students.

Please CIRCLE the best answer

  1. My principal knows my first name.   NEVER     ALWAYS   SOMETIMES
  2. My principal is outside every morning at buses/vans. NEVER   ALWAYS    SOMETIMES
  3. My principal is outside at first morning recess. NEVER   ALWAYS  SOMETIMES
  4. My principal visits my classroom.  NEVER    ALWAYS    SOMETIMES
  5. My principal is outside at second recess    NEVER   ALWAYS   SOMETIMES
  6.  My principal seems to be happy.   NEVER     ALWAYS   SOMETIMES
  7. My principal walks the hallways.    NEVER     ALWAYS    SOMETIMES
  8. My principal is outside at end of day bus dismissal   NEVER   ALWAYS   SOMETIMES

Parents and Educators : What is your reaction to such a questionnaire?

Your feedback is valued.

Children’s Books Based on TRUE Experiences While Serving in the Privileged Role of Elementary School Principal

Not only will this blog refer to my two latest children’s books, available in both english and french. It will also feature at times a children’s advice column called Genie Genius, where pressing questions from students will be answered by me. A  positive thought for the day will be featured on each blog that is posted. Input will be sought from parents, students, educators and caregivers when it comes to making a richer life experience for all of us. Lastly, I shall provide answers to questions that parents might have when it comes to their child’s education from JK-8 in the province of Ontario.

POSITIVE THOUGHT FOR THE DAY : ” If you win say little, if you lose say less.” Pat Marsden